I'm a class of '98 mechanical engineering grad who turned into a computer jockey instead. Jockeying started in Perl, bumping around a lot of automation style work with phone and voice mail systems, APIs, web services, databases of various flavors and all the other stuff large organizations want to move bits between. Lately I've been spending most of my time in C#, ASP.NET and the ways of Microsoft.

Last year we moved out of the 100 year old house in the Standish neighborhood of Minneapolis, MN into a 30 year old hose in Bloomington, MN. After 13 years of DIY remodeling in the old place this new one will, hopefully, be a cake walk. Famous last words right? Remember kids, HGTV lies.

When we're not at day jobs or working on house projects, I'm generally mixing cocktails with friends, working through the Netflix queue, playing board games, or out eating good food (probably with a cocktail and friends).

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